Packages Lanka

Our Quality & Standards

We strongly believe our customers deserve the highest quality products and we are driven by quality improvement throughout all our designing, manufacturing and delivery processes.
Since our inception, we have focused on quality as one of our core corporate objectives. We have been an industry leader in quality certifications and recognitions

Hygiene & Food Safety Standards

When it comes to Hygiene & Food Safety our main concern is to focus constantly on daily Hygienic conditions of the environment. We have received all our certifications by giving high priority to Hygiene & Food Safety Standards. In order to sustain the trust with our valued customers, the level of hygiene is routinely monitored by our concerned staff. Sanitation facilities are provided to the kitchen, dining hall and wash rooms to maintain the facility’s hygienic conditions.

Washing hands - before entering the Production facility
Shoe cover unit - for visitors entering the Production facility (Gents) & Ladies are provided with special shoes.
Shoe cover unit for gents
Air Shower – removes dust & other contaminated particles from clothes
Hand sanitizer units are placed throughout the premises
Shoe changing room for production employees
Emergency Eye Wash & Safety Shower – for emergencies when in contact with chemicals & hazardous substances