Packages Lanka


As a leading packaging company in the region, we are committed to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers by providing them with innovative and cost effective packaging solutions and high quality services, thus establishing good long term business relationships with them.
We continuously invest in upgrading our machinery, in consultation with leading companies around the world. This helps us enhance the capacity of our machinery to maintain consistency in quality and service.

Printing Machinery

There are two types of printing processes in the industry.

Rotogravure Printing

We have two European gravure presses which can cater to the most sophisticated demands of the printing industry.


Central Impression Flexo machine of European origin is also available for our discerning customers.


Lamination Machinery

Our process is a dry lamination system using both Solvent Based and Solvent Less technology are installed to produce multi-layer laminates.

Solvent Based Lamination
Solvent based lamination is a process where a two component types of adhesives mixed with a solvent is applied to bring two layers of substrate together.

Solvent Less Lamination
Solvent less based lamination is a process where two component types of adhesives are mixed and directly applied to bring two layers of substrate together.

Extruder Machinery

Extruder of European origin is our most recent acquisition to meet the needs of multi-layered film requirements.
Our state of the art extrusion technology and equipment allows us to produce multi-layered films of highest quality, durability and strength.

Slitting Machinery

Our high speed and high tech reel slitting machinery installed is capable of delivering the requirements accurately and efficiently.

Doctor Rewinder Machinery

Used for the purpose of re-handling of process requirements.


Rewinder Machinery

The equipment is utilized as a quality assurance tool in the converting process.


Bag Making Machinery

Stand up Pouch Making Machine

Stand up pouches of different material combinations can be produced using the equipment

Center Seal Machine

Our machines are equipped with auto temperature controllers to provide the desired temperature setting in making center seal type of structures.


Three Side Seal Bag Making Machine

Our machine adopts a microcomputer control system with a high output, and equipped with automated temperature controllers to provide the desired temperature setting in making three side seal structures.


Bottom Gusseted Pouch Making Machine

This is an intermittent machine which is operated by servo motors to produce bottom gusseted pouches. These pouches can be used for prominent stand up display.

Lab Equipment

Our Quality Assurance division is equipped with modern lab equipment such as Oven, WVTR, Haze Meter, GC, Tension Meter, Micro Meter, Sealer, Light Box etc to meet the stringent quality parameters of the converting industry.


WVTR Machine

Moisture/water vapor barrier levels are measured in mono films and laminates as this is a critical parameter in the packaging industry to ensure optimum shelf life of the product. Most important in Confectionery, Snack, Dairy, Culinary and Tea packaging.

GC Machine

Gas Chromatography measures the solvent retention trapped in each laminate as well as in the final laminate and considered to be a key tool in the packaging industry. It can also measure the purity levels of solvents which are widely used in this industry. This is a critical factor which ensures no smell/odor in your films.

Spectra Eye & K Proofer

By using the Spectra Eye, batch to batchcolor consistency can be measured & maintained as per required approved artwork. K Proofer assists in maintaining standard accuracy levels at all times in draw-downs.


Used for R & D purposes. Monitoring of keeping quality in finished laminates is expedited under relevant environmental conditions.This helps to test the suitability of packing in an accelerated environmental condition without running a full length storage trial


Sealing can be done on mono layers, laminates by adjusting the three parameters of temperature, dwell time and pressure in order to meet the condition of packing machine at customer end. Being able to check the dual time and pressure and being able to adjust the  temperature to the required levels in order to meet the required parameters of the custom to ensure the contents in the package is up to the mark.

Chemical Scale

This equipment is used to measure the grammage in material, Ink & adhesive coatings.

Tension Meter

This is used to measure the bonding/lamination strength and sealing strength in laminates.

Haze Meter

Use of this is to measure transparency and haziness in clear films. Widely used for garment bags/pouches


Used for measuring layer thickness which are the main factors in your films/final laminate


Testing of friction to ensure smooth machinability