Stand up Pouches/Bags with Zippers

Stand up Pouches/Bags are the best display packaging options for any bulk items.

These stand up Pouches/Bags stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset and can be sealed perfectly with a zip closure to keep the content inside as airtight as possible.

Two side gusseted Pouches/Bags with four side seal

Two side gusseted Pouches/Bags maximize the storage capacity since they are squared out after being filled. They have gussets on both sides and an inclusive fin seal runs from top to bottom with horizontal sealing at both sides and bottom. The top/bottom side is usually left open for filling of contents.

Three Side seal Pouches/Bags with Zipper

Three side Seal Pouches/Bags are qualitative and economical. Flat Pouches/Bags which are made from one piece of film and sealed on the two sides and the top is left open for filling the contents. It's not only easy to fill the products but also consumes more ingredients when compared to four-side sealed pouches.

Bottom Gusseted Pouches/Bags with Welded Seal

Bottom gusseted Pouches/Bags are the most commonly used stand up pouch (SUP) in the industry and is ideal for light weight products.

It is basically a sealed plastic pouch and has a round /square bottom. The edge of the gussets are welded to the sides of the walls for better strength and support.

Center Seal Pouches/Bags

Center seal Pouches/Bags are a convenient packaging solution. These pouches are pillow type which are used for packaging of various products.These Pouches/Bags have central welds or seals when received by the customers. One opening is kept for filling of contents and can be sealed thereafter.

Center Seal & Side gusseted Pouches/Bags

We manufacture and supply a wide range of center seal & side gusseted Pouches/Bags.These Pouches/Bags lock the freshness, taste, and aroma of food products.

Designed and manufactured by our experienced professionals using premium grade raw materials in compliance with the industry standards.

These Pouches/Bags are widely used for packaging goods of varied load and capacity.

Side Welded Pouches/Bags (with Hangers and Zippers)

You can hardly step into a store without coming across side welded Pouches/Bags of some variety due to their cost-effective durability and wide array of applications.

Side welded Pouches/Bags are an excellent way of displaying products in the retail sector and they have become very popular both in and outside the retail world. Side welded Pouches/Bags can be produced in a wide range of sizes.

Pyramid Tea Envelopes

The Pyramid Tea Envelop is one of the popular style which are now readily available in stores island wide. The envelopes are individually sealed so that the best possible flavor is achieved out of each bag.

Flat bottom four side seal Pouches/Bags

Since these bags and pouches are sealed on four sides their appearances are more even than that of the 3-side sealed Pouches/Bags. At the same time the flat Pouches/Bags also guarantee more effective protection of the products.